Merlin 4 Button Wireless Wall Remote (Security+ 2.0 & Security+)


Next Generation Genuine Merlin 4 button wireless wall mount remote with ability to code both Merlin Security+ & Merlin Security+ 2.0. Courtesy green LED Light flash for confirmation of function. Large main button for easy identification.
Compatible with any Merlin or Chamberlain garage door or gate opener manufactured since 2009.

  • Ability to code both Security+ and Security+ 2.0 on the one remote.
  • Unique code generated with each activation
  • Control up to four powered garage doors
  • LED green light flashes when button is pressed
  • Wireless installation
  • Compatible with Merlin myQ Remote LED Light (827AU).

Compatible with:

Compatible Merlin garage door opener models:
Commander Essential (MS65MYQ), Commander Elite (MS105MYQ), Commander Extreme (MS125MYQ), SilentDriveā„¢ Essential (MR655MYQ), SilentDriveā„¢ Elite (MR855MYQ), Commander Ultimate (MJ3800MYQ), Commander MyQ, WhisperDrive, TiltMaster, PowerAce, CyclonePro, OverDrive, SilentDrive Elite MyQ, SilentDrive BBU, SilentDrive Pro, QuietDrive Pro, WeatherDrive, MJ3800BBU, MT800, MT600, MT1000, MT3850, MT5580P, MT60P, MT60, MT230, RollerAce (MR60), MR600, MR800, MR1000, MJ3800, MJ3800R and all other Merlin Security+
and Security+ 2.0 garage door openers

Merlin gate opener models:
Slide 600 (MGSK600, MGSK600-LV), Swing A 200 (MGASK, MGASK-LV, MGADK, MGADK-LV) Swing L 300 (MGLSK, MGLSK-LV, MGLDK, MGLDK-LV)

Compatible Chamberlain Garage Door Openers: Chamberlain RollerLift, RollerLift Plus, SectionalLift, SectionalLift Plus, HandyLift Plus 2.0, HandyLift MyQ, HandyLift DeLuxe, HandyLift DeLuxe 2.0, PowerLift series, HandyLift/HandyLift Plus, CR550, MLR500, MLR750, ML700, ML750.